nonverbal communication between two people using their sense of touch

Intimate is a concept for nonverbal communication between two people over long distances using their sense of touch. This design makes it possible to feel and touch each other. It conveys a sense of closeness, affection and intimacy beyond texting, phoning or video chatting. It is meant for two people such as lovers in a long-distance relationship. It is a very private form of communication, taking place in a private space, between partners.
Each partner would have a small companion or a mate who stands in for the other person and connected via WiFi. An action on one mate triggers a corresponding reaction on the other mate. Four reactions are planned: If the one mate is stroked, the other is illuminated in a warm colour that symbolizes body warmth and closeness. If the one mate is stirred, the other shakes. It can be slowly, playfully dandled so that the other one is rocked lightly from one side to the other. Finally, you can dent and mold the mate. The other one will assume the corresponding form. Through such interactions, a wordless, haptic form of communication ensues. A secret language, which only two people can understand.

2013 | Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle

Adobe CC, Arduino, Cinema 4D

Interaction Design


One mate in city A, the other in city B. They can communicate with each other via Wi-Fi. 
If an action is performed in City A, a prompt reaction is triggered in City B.


stroke = glow




A first prototype of the interaction „shake“ was realized with Arduino and two spheres. The first contains an accelerometer, which recognizes the gesture of shaking. In the second sphere there is a servo motor. This responds to the movement detected by the accelerometer and causes the sphere to swing due to its motion.

Prototyp of interaction „shaking“ with arduino